The winter season is approaching for many, meaning more time with family and friends. For others, it means spending time with their friends and cooking hearty meals. It’s also a time to enjoy wine as the weather gets colder and the holidays approach. 

Before planning what to prepare for the season, you must consider the wines that will pair well with the various food served during the winter season. There is no set rule when choosing wine, but it is crucial to ensure that the beverages will complement the rich flavors of the food served during this time. 

Red Wine for Winter

Although red wine is often considered the best drink during winter, there is no red wine season in the US. Red wines are typically higher in alcohol, which makes them feel more like they are warmer. Also, the higher concentration of compounds known as tannins is full and rich. These types of wines pair well with various kinds of food.

Recommendation: Cabernet Sauvignon

This wine has a rich and complex flavor that can be enjoyed with various types of food. Its black cherry, plum, and coffee notes are all great when it’s cold outside.

White Wine for Winter

Although white wines are often associated with warmer weather, they shouldn’t be overlooked when enjoying wine in winter. They can complement a variety of winter comfort foods and can even be used as an ingredient in some of your favorite meals.

Recommendation: Chenin Blanc

Although this type of wine is commonly associated with the word “wooly,” it’s also great for relaxing and having a good time with food and clothes. This wine has a variety of fruity and floral flavors that can be enjoyed with different types of food.

Rose Wine for Winter

Rose usually signals warm weather wine, but it’s also great to drink this wine during winter. Darker and more complex than their summer counterparts, winter Rose wines are great when paired with heavy and rich winter food. 

Recommendation: Rosato

Italy’s Rosato is a Rose made from grapes that can only be found in the region. It’s more flavorful and richer than other Rose varieties due to its higher tannin levels. This wine also has notes of cherry, melon, and spice.