Are you looking to make some spare money while away on vacation? Or perhaps you have a second property to make use of? Either way, the odds are good that you’ve considered setting up your property as an Airbnb.

Naturally, there are certain things that all prospective Airbnb owners need to know, starting with the rules and ending with creating a desirable space. Before one makes any final decisions on the matter – make a point of reading through the Airbnb rules. Once done, it is time for the next step in the process.

Get Permission

Before doing anything else, it is critical to get permission to start an Airbnb business. This is especially important if you don’t own the property. Reach out to your landlord if necessary. 

For those that do own, it is still worth checking in with the co-op board or homeowner’s association, assuming that this is relevant for their property. Furthermore, some areas have restrictions on Airbnbs, so check your local laws.

Research Markets and Pricing

Next, it’s time to research your competition. That is to say, check out other Airbnb listings in your area. If possible, try to look at similar options, as these will help you understand what sort of pricing to expect.

Tools such as AirDNA exist to help potential Airbnb owners with this process. When looking through the competition, don’t forget to look at the aesthetics and designs of these properties – this will help you define how to decorate your own space. 

Set the Scene

Now here comes what is arguably the most fun part of the process – setting the scene. Or, in other words, designing the space that will eventually become your Airbnb property. When planning an area, don’t forget to consider all of the basics. This should include clean sheets on the bed, a spotless bathroom, and, if available, a tidy kitchen.

Other basics include bathroom and cleaning supplies, such as soap and sponges. Without these, there’s little hope that the renters will clean up after themselves – so make it an option. 

Finally, there are little touches an Airbnb owner can do to help make the space feel more comfortable. These touches will help give it a more professional look while matching an aesthetic more likely to get renters. 

Décor should not be personal – no family photos – and fit in with the general style of the property. For example, a beachfront property would do well to emphasize that niche by decorating with light colors and seashells. 

Listing Your Property on Airbnb

Now that you have an idea of the price and the property itself is ready, it is time to list it on Airbnb. When doing this, don’t forget to include the set price you’ve already settled on. Additionally, renters can set minimums (and maximums) for how long a person can rent the property.

Many Airbnb owners will charge extra for additional people or additional services requested (such as cleaning, equipment rentals, and anything else that may come up).