Chefs of all skill levels dream of having the perfect kitchen. A kitchen where they have complete control over the environment, letting them enjoy the space and hone their skills. Yet designing any room, especially a kitchen, is no small process.

A lot goes into designing the perfect kitchen, but there are ways to tackle the project that doesn’t feel overwhelming. Read more for advice on planning a kitchen perfect for your needs and desires.

Understand What You Need Out Of It

The first step in designing such a space is understanding what you need. In other words, consider what uses your kitchen will have. Will it be used solely for cooking, or will it also be an entertainment space? When designing the area, are there any other secondary purposes that one needs to consider?

List What You Want

Now that you have a better idea of what you need let’s talk about what you want. Create a list of all the things you’d want in your kitchen. Is there a cabinet style that you’ve been dreaming of? Or perhaps a specific refrigerator that has caught your eye? Add them to the list. It’s okay to be incredibly detailed here – listing a particular appliance and brand won’t cause any issues.

Creating a list like this isn’t about ensuring that every single item fits into the kitchen – sometimes, that isn’t possible. But it does help a person understand their priorities and what they are hoping to accomplish with what they have.

Set a Budget

Here’s where it is time to get a bit more realistic. It is time to go over one’s finances and decide how much can realistically be spent on a kitchen remodel. When setting a budget, be sure to leave a little bit aside (about ten percent of the total budget) for emergencies and surprises.

Start with a Big Picture – and Then Worry About the Details

When designing a larger space, starting with the big picture is beneficial and then working one’s way downward. For example, start with the overall layout of the kitchen first, and eventually work down to the accent features and decorations that will make their home within your dream kitchen.